Financial institutions hold vast quantities of high-value data, making them a primary target for cyber-attackers. In the face of this threat and under increasing pressure from regulators, investing in the right security solution is vital.



With more consumers and organizations embracing digital transformation, more data than ever becomes accessible in digital formats, creating new security challenges for organizations in the fintech sector.


In today’s fiercely competitive and regulated business landscape, organizations have a responsibility to show that they are dedicated to the proactive protection of sensitive data relating to their customers, clients, and partners.

Organizations that fail to take cyber threats seriously risk customer churn, missing out on business deals, reputational damage, or significant regulatory sanctions.






We reduce the cost and complexity of meeting the lengthy list of requirements that affect any organization needing to process, transmit or store credit and debit card payment information.

Security Challenge

From mitigating the risk of cyber-attacks to achieving compliance with industry regulations, every organization faces a growing range of cybersecurity challenges. Whatever your organization’s challenges, learn how Zarebin’s experts can help to address them swiftly, affordably, and hassle-free.



Testing Cyber-Security Readiness

Understanding if your cybersecurity is capable of standing up to the latest threats is pivotal to effective risk mitigation, so penetration testing and red teaming can be hugely valuable for any organization.


Tackling Phishing and BEC Attacks

Phishing attacks target organizations of all sizes and becomes increasingly prevalent, sophisticated, convincing, and costly, so defending against them must be a priority.



Not only does the shift to remote working increase your attack surface, but also renders traditional network controls ineffective. Learn how to embrace the benefits of home working without negatively impacting cybersecurity.

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We provide the most up-to-date application security solutions along with software and infrastructure for testing application vulnerabilities to all size organizations that can develop their product with maximum speed and minimum cybersecurity challenges during the agile development process.

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